3D product visualisations
in minutes, not weeks

Get your entire catalog in 3D
at a fraction of the usual cost

5 min per 3D model
Our platform uses AI to convert a video of your product into a 3D model - less than 5 mins of manual work needed.
Do it in-house
No need to hire an external agency. Create 3D products in-house without 3D modeling expertise.
100% automated
Upload a video of your product and get a finished 3D model with no manual work in between.

Manage all of your 3D content
through one single platform

3D Viewer
Let customers observe your products from any angle directly on your PDP.
Product Images
Generate high-quality product visuals like cut-outs automatically from the 3D source.
Product Videos
Create engaging product videos without an expensive photo studio.
AR Try-on
Let customers place your products in their homes through Augmented Reality.

Save costs and sell more
with 3D content

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3D / AR Product Viewer

Up to +46% conversion rate
Up to +31% average order value
Up to -23% return rates

3D Product Viewer

Up to +46% conversion rate
Offer 3D product views to drastically increase conversion rates.
Up to +31% average order value
Boost credibility and maximise total sales through interactive product displays.
Up to -23% return rates
Increase purchase confidence through virtual try ons with AR.

3D Product Photos

No more expensive product shoots
Generate product cut-outs automatically
$0 logistical costs

3D Product Photos

No more expensive product shoots
Generate product photos digitally based on your 3D model with graswald.ai
Generate product cut-outs automatically
Save your entire photoshooting budget. We generate your product cut-outs from the 3D source.
$0 logistical costs
Avoid sending products to physical studios. (Re)shoot at any time with graswald.ai.

No special equipment required

With any camera
iPhone, compact camera, DSLR...doesn't matter. Just take a video of your product and upload it to graswald.ai to get a finished 3D model.
Use your existing setup
No need to purchase any expensive hardware. As long as you got some light, you are good to go.
Wherever you are
Studio? Office? Warehouse? Capture and upload your products from wherever you are.

Take your products to the third dimension

Get photorealistic 3D models at scale
Cut PDP content creation costs by 50%
Improve CX & lower returns

Backed by the best

Mika Salmi
Partner @ Lakestar
Navid Meyer
Investor @ Lakestar
Mike Sackler
Partner @ Supernode Global
Arnav Bimbhet
Former Partner @ICONIQ Growth
Christopher North
Partner @ L Catterton
Dominik Lohle
Investor @ HTGF
Dave Haynes
Partner @ FOV Ventures
Robin Haak
Partner @ Robin Capital
Maximilian Eichler
Investor @ Notion Capital
Jens Lapinski
Partner @ Angel Invest Ventures
Philipp' Pip’ Klöckner
Angel Investor
Johannes Henkel
Investor @ 9900
Martin Ostermayer
Co-Founder of Blau.de
Andy Lenz
Co-Founder of t3n
Patrick Andrae
CEO @ HomeToGo
Arno Zink
Daniel Frese
Co-Founder of Pexels

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